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  • RVST — abbr. RAVISENT TECHNOLOGIES INC NASDAQ …   Dictionary of abbreviations

  • rust — [rʌst] noun [U] I the red substance that damages the surface of metal II verb [I/T] rust [rʌst] to become damaged by rust, or to make metal develop rust …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • rust — /rʌst / (say rust) noun 1. the red or orange coating which forms on the surface of iron when exposed to air and moisture, consisting chiefly of ferric hydroxide and ferric oxide. 2. any film or coating on metal due to oxidation, etc. 3. a stain… …   Australian English dictionary

  • rust belt — /ˈrʌst bɛlt/ (say rust belt) noun an area where heavy industry, such as car manufacturing, is in decline: *Bush is less likely to achieve either unless he can win hearts and minds in the so called midwest Rust Belt where the American steel… …   Australian English dictionary

  • rust bucket — /ˈrʌst bʌkət/ (say rust bukuht) noun Colloquial a motor vehicle (or ship) which is rusted to the point of being unroadworthy (or unseaworthy): *the vessel, which has been branded a costly rust bucket, has formally restored a defence capability… …   Australian English dictionary

  • rust-bowl industry — /ˈrʌst boʊl ˌɪndəstri/ (say rust bohl .induhstree) noun Colloquial an industry which is antiquated in its processes and has a limited future. Also, rust bowl industry. {US, blend of rust belt, the heavily industrialised area of north eastern US… …   Australian English dictionary

  • rust-coloured — /ˈrʌst kʌləd/ (say rust kuluhd) adjective of the orange brown colour of rust. Also, rust colored …   Australian English dictionary

  • rusted-on — /ˈrʌstəd ɒn/ (say rustuhd on) adjective 1. (of a nut) rusted onto its bolt, making it very hard to unscrew. 2. of such longstanding association as never to be able to become separated or leave: a rusted on supporter of a political party. Also,… …   Australian English dictionary

  • Rust·belt — /ˈrʌstˌbɛlt/ noun the Rustbelt : the northeastern and midwestern states of the U.S. in which many factories (such as steel mills) have closed because of changes in the economy Many people have moved from the Rustbelt to the Sunbelt …   Useful english dictionary

  • rust·proof — /ˈrʌstˌpruːf/ adj : protected against rusting a rustproof pipe …   Useful english dictionary

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