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  • bump — [bʌmp] verb I 1) [I/T] to hit against something solid, or to accidentally make something do this I bumped my knee on the corner of the desk.[/ex] 2) [I] to move over a surface that is not even The truck bumped slowly across the field.[/ex] • bump …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • bumper — [ˈbʌmpə] noun [C] I a long thin bar on the front or back of a vehicle that protects the vehicle if it hits anything II adj bumper [ˈbʌmpə] bigger or more successful than usual a bumper crowd of 80, 000[/ex] …   Dictionary for writing and speaking English

  • bumper-to-bumper — /ˈbʌmpə tə bʌmpə/ (say bumpuh tuh bumpuh) adjective (of traffic) congested and moving very slowly. Also, bumper to bumper …   Australian English dictionary

  • bump — /bʌmp / (say bump) verb (t) 1. to come more or less heavily in contact with; strike; collide with. 2. to cause to strike or collide: to bump one s head against the wall. 3. a. to dismiss, as an employee or a member of a team. b. to reject… …   Australian English dictionary

  • bump ball — /bʌmp ˈbɔl/ (say bump bawl) noun Cricket a ball which strikes the ground immediately after being struck, and which therefore does not put the person batting out if it is caught …   Australian English dictionary

  • bump cap — /ˈbʌmp kæp/ (say bump kap) noun Colloquial a type of safety helmet of light construction, as used in the meat industry …   Australian English dictionary

  • bump steer — /ˈbʌmp stɪə/ (say bump stear) noun the tendency of a motor vehicle to steer off course momentarily after a wheel strikes a road bump …   Australian English dictionary

  • bump-in — /ˈbʌmp ɪn/ (say bump in) noun the act of moving in and setting up all equipment, etc., for a film shoot, exhibition, etc …   Australian English dictionary

  • bump-out — /bʌmp aʊt/ (say bump owt) noun the act of dismantling and removing all equipment, etc., after a film shoot, exhibition, etc …   Australian English dictionary

  • bumper — /ˈbʌmpə / (say bumpuh) noun 1. a person or thing that bumps. 2. → bumper bar. 3. a cup or glass filled to the brim, especially when drunk as a toast. 4. something unusually large or full. 5. Colloquial a cigarette end; a discarded cigarette,… …   Australian English dictionary

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