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  • Pathophysiology of chronic fatigue syndrome — The pathogenesis of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is uncertain, but may involve multiple organ and body systems, including neurological, endocrinal and immunological factors.Nervous system factorsNeurological abnormalitiesCFS may involve… …   Wikipedia

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  • Zhengzitong — The Zhengzitong (Chinese: 正字通; pinyin: Zhèngzìtōng; Wade–Giles: Cheng tzu t ung; literally Correct Character Mastery ) was a 17th century Chinese dictionary. The Ming Dynasty scholar Zhang Zilie (張自烈; Chang Tzu lieh) originally published it in… …   Wikipedia

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  • Alternative names for chronic fatigue syndrome — Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is the name currently used by the majority of the medical and scientific community to describe a condition or set of conditions characterized by fatigue and other symptoms. The term is contested, mostly by patients… …   Wikipedia

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