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  • Panniculus adiposus — The panniculus adiposus is part of the subcutaneous tissue. It is a fatty layer deep to the skin. In certain animals, including humans, it is abundant and widely distributed, and contains fibrous bands connecting the overlying skin to deep fascia …   Wikipedia

  • Panniculus carnosus — The panniculus carnosus is part of the subcutaneous tissue. It consists of sheets of flat muscle contained in the panniculus adiposus. The general arrangement is that one end of the muscle sheet is attached to skin s dermis and the other is… …   Wikipedia

  • Leck — Infobox Ort in Deutschland Name = Leck image photo = Wappen = Leck Wappen.png lat deg = 54 |lat min = 46 | lat sec = 28 lon deg = 8 |lon min = 58 | lon sec = 25 Lageplan = Leck in NF.png Bundesland = Schleswig Holstein Kreis = Nordfriesland Amt …   Wikipedia

  • Enge-Sande — Infobox Ort in Deutschland image photo = Wappen = Enge Sande Wappen.png lat deg = 54 |lat min = 44 lon deg = 8 |lon min = 58 Lageplan = Enge Sande in NF.png Bundesland = Schleswig Holstein Kreis = Nordfriesland Amt = Südtondern Höhe = 11 Fläche …   Wikipedia

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