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  • Города Германии —   Это служебный список статей, созданный для координации работ по развитию темы.   Данное предупреждение не ус …   Википедия

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  • Kangxi Dictionary — Chinese pic=K ang Hsi Dictionary.jpg picc pic2=K ang Hsi Dict.png c=康熙字典 p=Kāngxī Zìdiǎn w=K ang hsi Tzu tien j=Hong1 hei1 zi6 din2 y=Hōnghēi Jihdín poj=Khong hi Jī tián kanji=康熙字典 hiragana=こうきじてん revhep=Kōki JitenThe Kangxi Dictionary was the… …   Wikipedia

  • Guangyun — The Guangyun (zh cpw|c=廣韻/广韵|p= Guǎngyùn |w= Kuang Yün ; literally Broad/Extensive Rimes ) is a Chinese rime dictionary that was compiled from 1007 to 1011 under the auspices of Emperor Zhenzong of Song. Chen Pengnian (陳彭年, 961 1017) and Qiu Yong …   Wikipedia

  • Jiyun — For the Qing dynasty scholar, see Ji Yun. The Jiyun (Chinese: 集韻/集韵; pinyin: Jíyùn; Wade–Giles: Chi yün; literally Collected Rimes ) is a Chinese rime dictionary published in 1037 during the Song Dynasty. The chief editor Ding Du (丁度) and others… …   Wikipedia

  • Zhonghua Da Zidian — The Zhonghua Da Zidian (zh cpw|c=中華大字典/中华大字典| p= Zhōnghuá dà zìdiǎn | w= Chung hua ta tzu tien ; Comprehensive Chinese character dictionary ) was an unabridged Chinese dictionary of characters published in 1915. The chief editors were Xu Yuan gao …   Wikipedia

  • Yesterday's Son — Infobox Book | name = Yesterday s Son author = A. C. Crispin image caption = country = United States language = English series = Star Trek genre = Science Fiction novel publisher = Pocket Books release date = August 1983 media type = Print… …   Wikipedia

  • Peiwen Yunfu — The Peiwen Yunfu (simplified Chinese: 佩文韵府; traditional Chinese: 佩文韻府; pinyin: Pèiwén Yùnfǔ; Wade–Giles: P ei wen Yün fu; literally rime storehouse of esteemed phrases ) is a 1711 Chinese rime dictionary of literary allusions and poetic dictions …   Wikipedia

  • Zhongwen Da Cidian — The Zhongwen Da Cidian (zh stpw|s=中文大辞典|t=中文大辭典|p=Zhōngwén dà cídiǎn|w=Chung wen ta tz u tien; literally Comprehensive Dictionary of the Chinese Language ) is an unabridged Chinese dictionary, edited by Zhang Qiyun (張其昀; Chang Ch i yun; 1901… …   Wikipedia

  • 4950 House — Infobox Planet minorplanet = yes width = 25em bgcolour = #FFFFC0 apsis = name = House symbol = caption = discovery = yes discovery ref = discoverer = E. F. Helin discovery site = Palomar discovered = December 07, 1988 designations = yes mp name …   Wikipedia

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