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  • CSV — Saltar a navegación, búsqueda Para otros usos de este término, véase CSV (desambiguación). Los ficheros CSV (del inglés comma separated values) son un tipo de documento en formato abierto sencillo para representar datos en forma de tabla, en las… …   Wikipedia Español

  • Vickrey auction — A Vickrey auction is a type of sealed bid auction, where bidders submit written bids without knowing the bid of the other people in the auction. The highest bidder wins, but the price paid is the second highest bid. The auction was created by… …   Wikipedia

  • Area codes in Germany — see also Telephone numbering in Germany for further codes including service numbers, cell phones etc. Area codes in Germany (German Vorwahl ) have two to five digits, not counting the leading zero. The leading zero must be dialed when calling… …   Wikipedia

  • Greasby — Coordinates: 53°22′23″N 3°07′24″W / 53.373°N 3.1233°W / 53.373; 3.1233 …   Wikipedia

  • GRB 060218 — Supernova name = GRB060218/SN 2006aj type = Unknown epoch = J2000 SNRtype = Unknown host = SDSS J032139.68+165201.7 redshift = 0.03342 constellation = Aries ra =03h 21m 39.71s dec = +16° 52 prime; 02.6 Prime; gal = 166.9257 32.8802 discovery =… …   Wikipedia

  • Neuenhagen — Town hall …   Wikipedia

  • Combinatorial auction — A combinatorial auction is a type of smart market in which participants can place bids on combinations of discrete items, or “packages,” rather than just individual items or continuous quantities. Simple combinatorial auctions have been used for… …   Wikipedia

  • Darrelle Revis — Revis in February 2010 No. 24     New York Jets Cornerback Persona …   Wikipedia

  • Kasaragod district — Kasaragod (Malayalam:കാസര്‍ഗോഡ് ജില്ല) is one of the districts of the Indian state of Kerala. Kasaragod district was organised as a separate district on 24 May 1985. It is the northernmost district of Kerala. Overview To its south lies Kannur… …   Wikipedia

  • Hoppegarten — The Hippodrome …   Wikipedia

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