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  • Georges Matheron — Georges François Paul Marie Matheron (1930 August 7, 2000) was a French mathematician and geologist, known as the founder of geostatistics and a co founder (together with Jean Serra) of mathematical morphology. In 1968 he created the Centre de… …   Wikipedia

  • Hunt process — In probability theory, a Hunt process is a strong Markov process which is quasi left continuous with respect to the minimum completed admissible filtration { F t } {tgeq 0}.ee also* Markov process * Markov chain * Shift of finite typeReferences*… …   Wikipedia

  • Liste der natürlichen Satelliten von Asteroiden — Dies ist eine Liste der natürlichen Satelliten von Asteroiden im soweit bekannten Sonnensystem. Hier sind alle Satelliten oder Begleiter von Asteroiden nach aufsteigender Nummerierung aufgelistet. Die fett hervorgehobenen sind benannt oder… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Stephanus — Der heilige Stephanus mit den Attributen Märtyrerpalme und Steinen. Stephanus (* ca. 1 n. Chr.; † ca. 36/40 n. Chr.) ist im Neuen Testament ein Diakon der Jerusalemer Urgemeinde. Er gilt als erster christlicher Märtyrer. Sein Name deutet auf eine …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Orduña-Urduña — Location of Orduña. Orduña (Basque: Urduña) is a town and municipality of 4,057 inhabitants located in the province …   Wikipedia

  • Illinois — This article is about the U.S. state of Illinois. For other uses, see Illinois (disambiguation). State of Illinois …   Wikipedia

  • Hydrochloric acid — IUPAC name Hydrochloric acid[ …   Wikipedia

  • Borderline personality disorder — Classification and external resources ICD 10 F60.3 ICD 9 301.83 …   Wikipedia

  • Raki (alcoholic beverage) — Raki (Turkish: rakı IPA2|rakɯ) is a non sweet usually anise flavored apéritif that is produced by twice distilling either only suma or suma that has been mixed with ethyl alcohol in traditional copper alembics of 5000 litres (1320 US gallon, 1100 …   Wikipedia

  • Polyadenylation — Typical structure of a mature eukaryotic mRNA Polyadenylation is the addition of a poly(A) tail to an RNA molecule. The poly(A) tail consists of multiple adenosine monophosphates; in other words, it is a stretch of RNA that has only adenine bases …   Wikipedia

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